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Print out from SAP Work Manager 5.3

Hi All,

I have a query with SAP Work Manager v5.3 and can be called as a requirement.

We have got SAP Work Manager v5.3 running on premise.

As per the requirement, once a work order is being created and components and operations are added to the Work Order, we have designed a tab named cost which shows the cumulative amount of the work order.

The amount will be shown to customer, if customer accepts it, now business requires the cost of individual material and operation cost (can be called as Quotation ) to be printed at the customer place from mobile device and a manual signature should be taken on the print out for Business confirmation.

Please shed light on this requirement as it can be possible from standard or should go with enhancements ??



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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Nov 24, 2014 at 12:10 PM

    Hi Punith,

    the requirement is valid and I heard that as well from many customers.

    No this is not achieveable with configuration. The Signature capability for instance is available since version SAPWM 6. But for the rest, like calculate the costs, printing etc. has to be implemented.

    Especially the printing is a interessting topic.... That also depends on the capabilities of your device. e.g. if it is a windows device it could be possible to write some coding that gets the parameters passed from Agentry UI and generates something printable. Perhaps with windows there is a tiny chance you can play with the Reports and see if this fullfills your requirements (only collecting the data and view them propperly - printing is still a different story). But please keep in mind this is a hell of effort, due to the fact that with the mentioned version there are no OpenUI capabilities.

    Honestly with SAP WM 6.1 there are a couple of possibilites to achieve the printing (or generating a file) with OpenUI. With the version SAP WM 5.3 it is more than a pain imho.

    In sum you definitly need enhancements - no chances to achieve this via standard.

    Kind regards,


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  • Nov 24, 2014 at 10:38 PM

    It is not clear from your requirement the nature of  interface your  trying to develop.   You need to answer few question  before you can  decide on development.

    a) How  the printer  is connected to the Mobile device ?  Whether  it is going to be  Bluetooth printer or network printer connection ?

    b) what is printed on the printout ? ...Pre formatted verus free printing

    c) Does the content that is  printed resides on the  Mobile device ..I'm assuming it is mainly work order data.

    d) Any interface you design  make sure it works when upgraded to SMP 3.0 / WM 6.1 ?

    e) Does this printing solution work on more than one platform( iOS/windows) ?

    f) Do you have any solution that is currently used to handle this use cases  in non- mobile scenarios ?

    Not sure if this will meet your requirement. Look at below these links – Looks like  Zebra technologies have some SDK’s for mobile printing.




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    • You will most likely need to create an ActiveX control to interface with the printer on the Windows Mobile device.  The specifics of the ActiveX will be driven by the specific printer selected and how it communicates with Windows Mobile.