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ATP check in ECC


I have a couple of questions regarding how the ATP check works.

So far, what I understood is that ATP is check for a material in a particular plant if checking group if fullfiled in MAterial Master MRP3.

The system use combination of checking group and checking rule to define how the check is performed depending of when in the process it it triggered.

The detailed config of Checking group/checing rule is defined in OVZ9.

What I didn't understand is :

- how to know when exctly the system will perform a check ? and how to know which rule it will use for each check ?

- what is the detailed impact of each option in OVZ9

As an exemple I do have material A with a checking group 02 in MRP3.

Let's say I have an initial unrestricted stock of 100 for that material.

I create a PM order (IW31) on that material, a reservation for 60 is generated

Then I do a MB1A, consumption on cost center (201), qty 50, an outbound delivery is generated, but system do not send any message saying that I have a reservation of 60.
Neither when generating the outbound delivery, neither when doing the picking, neither when posting good issue.

SO, I supposed something is missing so that the reservations are considered are blocking in one combination of checking group 02/checking rule ???

But what checking rule to modify ? Is it the same checking use when generating OD, when doing the picking, when posting GI ?

Thanks for king help


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4 Answers

  • Jan 26, 2017 at 03:11 PM

    One part is to customize how an availability check is carried out for certain processes, this is in OVZ9

    in the master data you define which of the various checking rules is used, e.g. in MM02 at MRP3 view.

    And finally you have to customize if certain processes do a check at all ( of course, if you do not want to use a certain process check at all then you could have omit the customizing for this process in OVZ9 ) . But for your example scenario you would need to do the customizing in OMCP (IMG path: MM --> Inv. Mgmt & Physical Inv. --> GI / Transfer Posting --> Setup Dynamic Availability Check)

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  • Jan 27, 2017 at 09:47 AM

    Thank you Jürgen.
    I think I understand better and that my probleme is not exactly the one I thank.
    I can have to type of reservations.
    Reservations that are done manually using MB21, reservation taht are generated when I add component in PM orders via IW31/IW32.

    When the system perform ATP check with the MB1A rule, it does not consider them the same way.
    Here is what I get in CO09 when checking ATP via that rule :

    Date MRP elt Rec qty Confirmed Cumu. ATP qty
    27.01.2017 Stock 40 0 25
    24.01.2017 OrdRes 50- 0 25
    26.01.2017 Reser. 15- 15 25
    27.01.2017 StLcSt 40 0 25
    24.01.2017 OrdRes 50- 0 25
    26.01.2017 Reser. 15- 15 25

    Reservations made via MB21 correspond to MRP Elt Reser. and they dicrease Cumu. ATP qty.
    Reservations made via IW31 correspond to MRP Elt OrdeRes and they do not dicrease Cumu. ATP QTy
    Why do the system consider those 2 kinds of reservation a different way ?
    What can I do so that the material reserved via IW31 could not be withdrawed for other requirements ?

    Thanks for kind help.

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  • Jan 30, 2017 at 10:45 AM

    How is your setting for Res/Preq' indicator (RESBD-AUDISP) when you add a new component?

    And is this different to the already existing components?

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  • Jan 31, 2017 at 04:42 PM


    Please check the below useful troubleshooting note, which explains the system design and the tips:

    2150057Troubleshooting guide for ERP ATP check

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