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Nov 09, 2013 at 06:27 AM

BW Extractors/DXC/BODS + HANA Native Star Schema: Is this mixed scenario possible?


Dear Experts,

(Excuse me for providing an extra detailed background before the actual question)

Our Transaction systems portfolio (Industry Pharma/Manufacturing, operating in 170+ countries)


SAP ECC on SQL Server (implementation in-progress) + 10 Other Custom Applications

Our BI Portfolio


Nothing. Already purchased HANA (7.4 planned version) + Business Objects and will be implemented along with SAP ECC ERP

So point is our BI is a greenfield project and we don't have legacy of any BW Cubes / BEx Queries. As a BI/DW Architect I am evaluating different models to implement HANA, where design objective is to have maximum simplicity, extremely fast speed to respond to change requests, SQL based modeling and fully exploiting the raw power of HANA.

Question -

  1. What is the best way to utilize the "tremendous" power of ready made DataSources / Extractors and delegating this work to BW part and still allowing myself the freedom to do my custom modeling - relational / star (on top of imported data into HANA using these DataSources) and not restricting myself to Artifacts of Cubes & Similar providers. Whether to use DXC, BW Extractors => DSO... ? (final exposure will be through HANA Analytical / Attribute / Calculation Views)
  2. Also would appreciate if you can express your views on this way of HANA implementation.

Along with this custom modeling, for operational reporting we are anyways going to use HANA Live and SLT.

A detailed explanation / rationale behind this approach is mentioned in the attached file.

Thank you for reading this.

regards, Abhishek.