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Dec 27, 2005 at 02:56 PM

Mail Sender Adapter with multiple sMIME attachments



I 'm using XI 3.0 SP 15.

I have problems with my Mail-Sender-Adapter.

The mails, I fetch, contain a certificate and multiple xml-attachments. The xml's represent an IDOC-structure (INVOIC.INVOIC02).

The task is to first check the certificate, and then to send each of the XML attachments separately to an SAP-System.

1) We have twelve partner which use this e-Invoicing interface. How do I administer the certificates and do I have to create for each partner a "Sendervereinbarung"?


The second problem is, that I have multiple payloads which have to be processed separately. How can this be done?

kind regards and thanks a lot for your help