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Nov 20, 2014 at 02:51 PM

IN HR Renewal error log


Dear Experts,

I am getting following error in HR Renewal Portal executing the role : SAP_EMPLOYEE_ESS_XX_UI5_1 that time portal is opening but showing error on portal :

Notifications (1)

No catalogs assigned to your user; contact your system administrator immediately .

Please suggest..

TC : /IWFND/ERROR_LOG - Gateway Error Log

No service found for namespace /UI2/, name LAUNCHPAD, version 0001

Database lock for Service 'ZPAGE_BUILDER_PERS_0001' could not be set.


Client100Entries421ComponentOPU-FND-CSPackage/IWFND/MED_PER_DEV_LANGUFirst Date20.11.2014First Time11:32:51Last Date20.11.2014Last Time19:53:35

TC: SLG1 - Application Log: Display Logs

Message Text

Exception of type '/UI2/CX_WD_CFG_TOOL' has occurred; see details for more information

Technical Data

Message type__________ E (Error)

Message class_________ /IWBEP/CM_LOGGING (Message Class for Logger)

Message number________ 006

Message variable 1____ /UI2/CX_WD_CFG_TOOL

Message variable 2____

Message variable 3____

Message variable 4____

Message Attributes

Level of detail_______

Problem class_________ 2 (Important)

Sort criterion________

Number________________ 1

Environment Information

GW Agent or Component_ MGW_REMOTE_PROXY

SAP System Alias______

Previous Message______

Error Code____________ /IWBEP/CM_LOGGING006

Log Message Type______ Technical message

Program Name__________ /IWBEP/CL_MGW_REMOTE_HANDLER==CP

GW Line in Creator Mod 160

Name of the calling mo HANDLE_EXCEPTIONS

Thanks in advance.


Santosh Shivane