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Nov 19, 2014 at 05:22 PM

Issue in Resume via IF_FPM_NAVIGATE_TO


Hi Experts,

I have an OVP application from within which the user clicks on a button to be navigated onto a GAF application. After reading around the FPM cookbook & going through the standard component FPM_TEST_SUSPEND_RESUME I managed to implement the Suspend-Resume functionality in my application.

Now the issue is that while navigating from OVP to GAF everything go's smoothly with a INPLACE navigation mode and the OVP gets replaced by the GAF. However the issue comes while trying to get back to the OVP from the GAF upon click of another button. I do get navigated back onto the OVP but it gets opened up as a new tab instead of being overwritten on the same page. I have specified a similar INPLACE navigation mode within the action handler of my buttin on the GAF but somehow what works from OVP->GAF isn't working from GAF->OVP. Request you to help suggest as to what might be the issue.