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Nov 19, 2014 at 04:05 PM

SAP ICR '003' Additional field for selection on 'net due date'



we have recently upgraded to ECC6 EHP6 and we try to customize ICR 003 .

We do not use New ledger and we do not use any special ledger.

Accountants are use to reconciliate customers/vendors (without ICR) and selecting open items but limited to a specific "net due date".

For example, they want to reconciliate the open items for the closing of October with only the open items with net due date < 05.11.2014 (D+5 of the month end of the closing) = > they do not want to see / reconciliate open items with net due date > 05.11.2014

I would like to have in FBICR3 only the open items with this selection on the net due date.

With FBICR011 I thought I could add the field "net due date" but only field stored in BKPF / BSEG are available and as far as I know the 'net due date' is never stored in SAP tables but always calculated.

So my question is the following :

1- Is it possible to add in the data selected for ICR the 'net due date' in order to select only open items of vendors/customers with a net due date < D+5 of my month end closing?

2- If we have to recalculate it, do you know which module function I can use to calculate the 'net due date' as it's calculated in FBL1N/ FBL5N ?

Thank you for your help