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(Inspection Lot) Dynamic Modification Rule for Production Order

Hi all,

I'm actually working on inspection lot for production Order (inprocess). I'm only interessed by the computation of the dynamic sample size for the production order: For example If the material is controlled 5 times without problem, he goes to reduced inspection ... .

Thanks to your forum and tutorial like this one , i have already understand lot of things. Howerver, i found nothing for a sample procedure with dynamic modification rule.

To rich my goal i have to :

-MM02: quality management , assign inspection type Y03

-QS21 : create a Master Inspection Characteristic (in my case a qualitative: Accepted/rejected)

-QDV: Create a sampling procedure. As i want my sampling procedure to be dynamic , i have to link it with a sampling scheme (QDP1) and a dynamic modification rule (QDR1).

-CA02: modify the routin of the material. modify control key of operation "inspection" to YP04 and assign my MIC and my sampling procedure to this operation.

-coois: release my production order. Insp. lot create automaticly.

-QA32: Save the result in usage decision. ( i dont want to create Quality Notification even if there is a non conformity), so i record nothing in "Results".

My question is very simple : Will it work ?

Is it possible to have dynamic rule for production order? Do i need a inspection plan ?

Thank you very much to help me for my first topic on this forum 😊

I will be very happy to share a tutorial when ill do it concretely.


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3 Answers

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    Nov 19, 2014 at 05:50 PM

    Hi Marwan,

    Please clarify following points:

    1) I am assuming Inspection type Y03 was created by copying Inspection Type 03. If yes, what are the differences.

    2) Does control key YP04 support Inspections?

    As far as last 2 questions are concerned,

    2) Yes, it is possible to have dynamic modification rule in production order.

    3) No, you do not need Inspection Plan for In-process inspection.

    Best Regards,


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  • Nov 19, 2014 at 07:08 PM

    Hi Marwan,

    There is a document that explain a little about this process:

    Inspection after Goods Receipt for Production Order

    There is nothing saying about DMR but you can use this in production orders.

    If you are not inspecting the product during its manufacturing stages, there is a good workaround in this thread, please take a look at it:



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    Nov 20, 2014 at 08:49 AM


    Thank you both for your answer and the link.

    1) Here is the inspection type Y03, i think  it's the same as 03 ?

    MODERATOR NOTE:  Image deleted at request of poster.

    2) Here is Ctrl Key YP04, Insp. char required is cheked so i guess it's ok.

    MODERATOR NOTE:  Image deleted at request of poster.

    3) Yes im inspecting the product during its manufacturing stage. For example, in CA01, i have:

    Drilling - Inspection - Deburring - Inspection - Cleaning.

    I need clarification for the following point:
    - When choosing inspection type Y03, as we can see on the screen shot, we can enter a DMR and sampling procedure: We do not have to enter anything there ?

    -In QA32, would it be possible to enter only the Usage Decision ? Even if the lot is rejected, i just want to enter the decision, without creating a Quality Notificaiton.

    -For DMR in production, to modify the quality level , the system will only filter on the last usage decision for the same material ? While, for Good receipt, the system will filter on the usage decision for same Material AND vendor ?

    Thank you for your help,

    Have a good day,


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    • The quality level is updated at time of UD or at time of lot creation.  The valuation that is used is different.  When the quality level is updated when doing DMR at the characteristic level, it uses the valuation of the characteristic.  At the lot level it uses the valuation of the lot from the UD.

      Qualtiy level updating is a timing issue - i.e. WHEN is the level updated.  (Defined in the DMR)

      DMR level is what valuation is used to update the quality level.. characteristic valuation or lot valuation. (Defined by the inspection plan)