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Dec 27, 2005 at 06:18 AM

Problem in installin SAP Netweaver Sneak Preview


While trying to install the SAP netweaver sneak preview I got this error at the second step of the installation “SAP System installation”…..

"An error occured while processing service sneak preview edition of SAP web application server java 6.4 install sap web application server java 6.4

you may now

press retry to repeat the current step.

press view log to get more information.

stop the task and continue with it later.

reset your input for the current task .in this case SAPinsti will permenantely remove all installation files from the installation directory. This gives you the oppurtunity to start from scratch."

Can someone kindly guide me as to what to do..

(1)when I pressed retry I again got the same screen.

(2)when I pressed reset and again started from scratch I again got the same error.

(3)the view log shows

“ERROR 2005-12-27 11:06:09

CJS-00081 Assertion failed: in function () { var changed = false; var nodeName = (new NetworkMgt()).getServicesFileName(); var mgt = new FileMgt(); var node = mgt.getNode(nodeName, true); ASSERT_DEFINED(arguments.callee, node, "node(" + nodeName + ")"); node.saveVersion(); for (var it = this.getInstances(); !it.isDone(); { var instance = it.get(); if (instance.installInstance()) { changed = instance.createPorts() || changed; } } installer.writeInfo("ind-rel.ind-os.ind-db.j2ee-eng.creatingPorts", this.getSID()); if (this.j2eeStandalone) { var port = this.getSCSMSPort(); if (port) { changed = WebAS.createPort("sapms" + this.getSID(), "tcp", port, "# SAP System Message Port", true) || changed; } } if (!changed) { node.revertVersion(); }}Variable node(C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/services) should be defined”

(4)i have uninstalled the entire sneak preview version including the j2ee engine .

I will be obliged if someone guides me through.

Thanks and Regards.

Sundeep Sethi