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Nov 18, 2014 at 09:05 AM

Best Practice to Uplaod Legacy MSDS


Hi Friends,

I have query. I want to upload MSDS which are created in Legacy System(Non-SAP system) to SAP System. We have Legacy system MSDS in PDF format which we will use for Mass uplaod. The number of MSDS to be uploaded is around 2 lakhs.

I have checked SAP Help on the following path

Report Import: Process - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library

This basically provides information on transaction CG36. Following are the steps which I identified.

1. Create two files required for report import: The *.KEY file contains all key information for the report. The actual report is a *.PDF file.

2. Upload these filesin AL11 under path for example, /USR/EHS_ DATA /INBOUND/ using CG3Z transaction

3. Then Go to Transaction CG36 and Upload the MSDS.

This is simple as far as if I need to upload some small amount od MSDS. Les than 50. Now queries are

1. Now if My number is large, Do I have to upload all files ( 2 lakhs key file + 2 lakh pdf files) on to application server.

2. If yes to 1, then How should I upload these large amount of files on AL11 path. Using CG3Z i can upload on files ( either Key file or pdf file).This would be feasible task for 2 lakh MSDS + 2 laks Key filesto be uploaded.

3. Lets say by any means I upload all file on AL11, how will I perform upload in CG36 where i can upload one single MSDS at a time. This would be feasible task for 2 lakh MSDS to be uploaded.

Are my observation correct or Am I missing SOmething here. Can you please guide me how to achive this target in best possible and fastest way.

Thanks and waiting for your reply.

With Warm Regards

Mangesh Pande