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Nov 18, 2014 at 08:32 AM

SuccessFactors (old LMS) courses status


Hello All,

I passed the SF "Introduction to Mastery" course in Nov-2013. The SF LMS Learning Portal by that time was not integrated with SAP Learning Hub. This is/was a prerequisite for taking all other mastery courses for SuccessFactors (e.g Recruitment, Performance Goals etc). My credentials are still available and can be verified from (now partly defunct for certifications) the SF LMS portal at "".

After the amalgamation of SF LMS and SAP Education/Training and the introduction of SAP Learning Hub (probably circa July 2013), there is a bit of

confusion about the status, applicability and validity of the currently held certifications obtained from the SF LMS.

Now I can see and making my best guesstimate that the earlier SF "Introduction to Mastery" course in SAP Learning Hub is re-labelled as

THR80 " Introduction to SuccessFactors Academy", the course contents are the same as far as I can see or understand.

In the certification path "C_THR82_1408 " "" (to be announced Feb 2015) I can see the courses required are THR80 and THR82.

I am planning to take THR82 (Performance and Goals) in near future. The question is that whether my earlier (orphaned) "Introduction to

Mastery (via SF LMS)" will be equated with the new THR80 under the "grandfathering" scheme as mentioned in this blog post

This way I would be sure that I dont have to retake THR80 (from the new SAP learning hub) and just completing THR82 would make me eligible with prerequisites to appear for the certification when it is announced in the future In Feb 2015.

If it can be done then who is the right person/relevant domain to contact and get my credentials updated.



This is for the kind attention of the forum administrator to please read my query posted above , based on my, experience, position and association with SAP Partner company for 10+ years, I posted the same comment in the blog being a very relevant query.

To my utter surprise and dismay, the comment was initially hidden from the public view and I was sent a regular notification, afterwards I was sent a notification that my access is blocked or unauthorized to view the blog post

I would request the moderators, that if embedded not just to rely on automatic word filteration and moderation method, which might block legitimate posts at times, and give a personal look to any content/comment blocked .

Thanks for reading and responding.