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Nov 18, 2014 at 02:56 AM

Cross- docking step by step


Dear Gurus,

I am testing Cross- docking function of SAP, therefore, I try to find the step- by-step user guide to do it. There are many thread in SCN forum, however, there is no clear enough document for me to configuration and testing it.

I want to test 2 cases: one step cross-docking (CD) and two steps CD.

1. Could anybody give me step by step (include Tcode) to do each case? (for example, for two steps case, we create PO (ME21N), Inbound delivery (VL31N), SO (VA01), DO (VL01N), Planned CD (LXDCK).....)

2. Could you show me where to monitor, because after step Planned CD, Tcode LXDCK, I create the decision. However, after Goods receive related to Inbound, I couldn't see the decision, it disapperance, I can't find it. Is there any place to show me the relationship between Inbound delivery and outbound delivery?

3. In configuration, I only config in: Logistics Execution -->Warehouse Management -->Cross-docking -->General Settings. Here I choose it is one step CD or two steps CD. Is there any other place to config it?

Thank you in advance,