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Nov 17, 2014 at 03:32 PM

Defaulting Address details on Supplier UI


Hi Friends,

We are working on MDG 7.0 for Supplier and utilizing the Vendor Like UI for the create process (VENDR01).

One of the scenarios is to default the address of the Supplier based on the External Number of the Vendor.

I have tried doing it on the Cross Entity BADI to pick the Vendor Name and default the address. But ADDRNO of the address is not available to set the field values of the address. ADDRNO is auto numbering and is set only when any of the field (ex. country, state, city, etc) is populated.

i.e if the user launch the create UI and does not fill any address details the ADDRNO ($XXX) does not get generated. This is the expected behaviour.

So I am looking for following options:

1. Default the country on launch of the Vendor UI


2. How do I generate the ADDRNO of the address entity to set the address?

Your inputs are highly appreciated.