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Nov 17, 2014 at 02:38 PM

Incorrect ROP history


Hi Team

You can see the old data is 0 on 2014/06/11 and the new value at planned qty is 2. Then I changed ROP on 2014/11/06 old qty is the previous and the planned is the new.

and please find below incorrect case you will find only planned data and no old data. If this history logs all the actions and it should then there must be an action with old qty 1 and planned as new qty 0. But this line is missing.


We have a unit which has missing logs in ROP setting history.

The unit has historical data only for setting the data but the removing log is missing. There is no information who and when has removed the ROP. Currently there is no ROP set but it supposed to be set.

kindly check.

Br, Kiran Unde


Correct ROP.jpg (53.2 kB)
Incorrect.jpg (53.3 kB)