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Nov 17, 2014 at 07:13 AM

Personnel Administration- Salary issue


Hi Guru's

I have just locked myself in an issue, while updating salary ranges in the cluster table V_T710CL,

Customer told us that certain paygrade area,group,Level they are not gonna use at all from now on, hence asked us to delimit on 31.12.2014,

i was doing the development in Dev system. in Test and production i dont have access to do any changes in directly in T710. at sametime there were table entries of T710 were not synchronized as well, dev its different and test its different.

entries are missing in dev and but available in Test and production. hence i needed to add the entries in Development to align it. i have added the entries and delimited accordingly. but when i moved to test system. i can see table inconsitencies which i dont know how to remove it.

Please find the screenshot , can anyone suggest how to correct via TR itself.