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Nov 14, 2014 at 06:53 PM

Connecting HANA with Excel through VBA


I been trying to figure this out by researching but with little luck.

I want to create an application with excel vba that lets the user connect to HANA and be able to insert data into a hana view from vba.

any hints would be appreciated!

so far Ive taken a look at the thread:

Dim CONN As Object 'ADODB.Connection

Dim rs As Object 'ADODB.RecordSet

Dim StrSql As String

StrSql = "Provider=SAPNewDBMDXProvider.1;Data;Password=xxx;User ID=xxx;Location=;Integrated Security=;Persist Security Info=True;Impersonation Level=Anonymous;Mode=Read;Protection Level=None;Extended Properties='SFC_INSTANCE_NUM=00';Initial Catalog=COMMONTEMP.SAKAPUR;MDX Compatibility=1"

CONN.Open StrSql

with that I was able to create a connection, but I dont know how to insert data to the view I want after that