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EDI 997 acknowledgement error

Hi Experts,

I am working on EDI 945 to JDBC.

for this scenario, i need to send 997 back to customers for each 945.

I have craeted EDI 945 to JDBC, its working fine. File sender and i have added classifier, BIC and split modules in file sender communicatoon channel. Its working fine.

For acknowlegements, used standard mapping "FunctionalAcknowledgement_to_A_997_ALL /"

Created ICO with Split997 sender and file reciver.

Problem is i am not getting 997, can you pls help on this. What i have missed to configure.

Thank you.

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Nov 14, 2014 at 10:45 PM

    Hi Sruthi,

    Please cross check with below documents to ensure all the configurations are in proper place:

    Functional Acknowledgement (Inbound and Outbound FA 997)- for Beginners

    Functional Acknowledgement Status Reporting in sap PI 7.31 B2B add-on



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Experts,

      We have seeburger license , I am working on EDI 945 scenario, the thing is we did not purchase EDI 945 standard from seeburger, we have used custom one.

      Now i am using File adapter with classifier, BIC and split modules to convert EDI 945 to xml structure.

      It's not executing operation mapping if i use AUTO in mappingName parameter.

      So all this because of custom EDI 945?

      We are doing EDI 850 to Idoc with the same modules and its working fine, getting 997 back, EDI 850 is standard structure from seeburger. So EDI 850 is working since its a standard and EDI 945 is not working since its a custom. is it correct?

      Thank you.

      Modules i have used for EDI 945 is below.

      Capture.PNG (57.3 kB)
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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014 at 07:00 PM

    And in Audit log, no splitting is happening. below are the imp lines in audit log.

    EBURGER/CLASSIFIER: exiting SeeClassifier successfully

    SEEBURGER/MESSAGESPLITTER: There is no attachment to split. So there is nothing to do.
    SEEBURGER/MESSAGESPLITTER: Finished splitting.
    SEEBURGER/MESSAGESPLITTER: Message Splitter Module is exiting succesfully.

    Application attempting to send an XI message asynchronously using connection File_
    Trying to put the message into the send queue
    Confirmation mode test found - file will be resent next time
    The message was successfully retrieved from the send queue
    Message status set to DLNG

    The message was successfully retrieved from the receive queue
    Delivering to channel: File_Receiver_945
    MP: processing local module localejbs/CallSapAdapter

    After that empty file with out structure processeed in to respective folder.

    Below is the result.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:MT_Receiver xmlns:ns0="NameSpace"></ns0:MT_Receiver>

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    • Hi Sruthi

      From your module config, parameter classifierMappingID is not specified for the classifier module. As such the main mapping that will be used will be the default Seeburger main mapping, i.e. See_<ContentType>

      SEEBURGER/CLASSIFIER: type -> AnsiX12

      EBURGER/CLASSIFIER: exiting SeeClassifier successfully

      From the audit log, the content type is determined as AnsiX12 by the classifier, so the BIC mapping that will be executed will be See_AnsiX12. It is this mapping that will generate the intermediate FA message as well as any child 945 messages. The child 945 messages will then be sent to the splitter (provided Message Splitter Config is done correctly in Seeburger Workbench.)

      However, you mentioned that you are using a custom 945 message. Without further details of what exactly is the customization, I can't tell for sure what is happening. My guess is that the main mapping See_AnsiX12 is not able to determine the 945 segments from the source file. If you have BIC Mapping Designer tool, I would suggest you test it out there - try transforming your input file with the See_AnsiX12 mapping and check the logs.

      Additionally, I would suggest that you add the parameter logAttID = BIC_Log for the BIC module. This would create an additional attachment named BIC_Log which you can view in SXMB_MONI. This gives you further details on what is happening during BIC conversion. If you provide the details of that log here, it would be useful for further investigation too.

      If indeed the default See_AnsiX12 mapping can't handle the custom message, then you need to create a customized main mapping in BICMD. You can copy from See_AnsiX12 to AnsiX12_Custom and modify it to handle the custom 945 message. To ensure that the classifier uses the custom main mapping, add parameter classifierMappingID = Custom to the classifier module.


      Eng Swee