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Nov 14, 2014 at 02:55 PM

Infoset based query repeated Key Figure


Hi all,

I have a DSO with AP total amounts per Company, Vendor and Fiscal Year. I join this DSO via an Infoset with the AR Line Items DSO. The idea is to create an AR Aging Report adding a column for the total AP Amount at the end.

Aging works fine but, as expected, the Infoset includes the same AP Amount for every item in every AR Document:

Company Code | Customer | Document No. | Item No. | Aging bucket | AP Amount

C1 | U1 | D1 | 01 | $240.00 | $200.00

C1 | U1 | D1 | 02 | $120.00 | $200.00

C1 | U1 | D1 | 03 | $50.00 | $200.00

When the report runs with Document/Item it looks fine but, as expected again, when I take out the Document and Item and go to the Company Code/Customer level, the AP Amount = $600.00.

I want the AP Amount to show always $200.00, for that Company Code/Customer.

I assume this would be very easy but I should be missing something since I've tried several combinations of Properties (Exception Aggregation, Display Results As and Display Single Values As) without success.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!