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Nov 14, 2014 at 10:05 AM

SQL Query


Hello All

Please help in SQL query

I have a source SQL table with 3 fields Material_No, Region and FLAG.

Material_No Region FLAG

1111 NEU N

2222 LATIN N

3333 NEU N

4444 LATIN N

Now I want SQL query in JDBC sender channel which can pick records with respect to Region and FLAG = N.

for example:

in first call it should pick all records of Region = NEU and FLAG = N


in second call it should pick all records of Region = LATIN and FLAG = N

like NEU and LATIN other Regions are also there. This is just an example.

In result of SQL query only 1 kind of Region should come it should not combine any other value.

If NEU is coming then all records should be of NEU and not LATIN.

Is this possible using SELECT query?


Dheeraj Kumar