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Nov 13, 2014 at 08:24 PM

Unable to access information spaces and Exploration View Sets


I have run into a problem. we had a Business intelligence server setup as a proof of concept for analyzing data. This was done by a 3rd party company and we no longer can use them as a resource.

Originally we were unable to view the information spaces and exploration views, unless the user is part of the administrators group. I have been attempting to have a view only group created that would allow access.

now i am getting the following error when trying to open an explorer view set (The view sets show in a list).

Failed to open the exploration view set

Can't load the information space. (PS 50300)

Failed to retrieve the exploration space 'cb06755b-7fab-4a21-b1ba-a41389bd5f59'.

This happens with all accounts. Administrators group, built in administrator account and the everybody group.

We are using AD Authentication only on this server.

does anyone know what might have happened to remove access to the information spaces?


Error.JPG (24.6 kB)