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Nov 13, 2014 at 06:35 PM

Process Chain alerts status on failure


Hello Friends,

Env - BW 7.4

I have checked some threads in the forum

1 ) We have configured email alerts on our process chains and the meta chains in it [message on each node for success or failure]

Process chains have programs as well as meta chains in it.

I have noticed that, when ever there is an error in a process in the main chain or the meta chain, the email message has to be triggered immediately.

But we do not get it. Instead when someone manually gets to the log view of the chain, they get a pop up and then email is triggered automatically.

We have seen this behavior randomly. The mail server is working good. And we get automated messages for success without any manual interference. , but not for failure.

The analysis of chain XXXXXXXXX showed that


terminated However the process has either successors

are executed if errors occur) or a metachain. Run

XXXXXXX could not be ended due to the

termination. It may be the case that a metachain was

informed about the error Continue run for chain

XXXXXXXXX and any corresponding metachain

2) Could you please tell me how many processes would the server need to trigger a meta chain. I assume it would need 2 free processes. please correct.

Your inputs are welcome.