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Dec 23, 2005 at 06:48 PM

User Mapping



I have a query regarding user mapping.

user mapping necessary in two cases

1. when each of the backend sytem userids are different than portal user id

2. when all the backend systems are having same userid, but different from portal user id.

in case 1, we create a system with type uid/pwd

in case 2, we create a reference system which maps the portal user id --> backend user id.

now my question is. I am an user administrator and i want to map the users.. so if I want to map the portal user id to backend user id in both the cases, should I know the passwords of the backend user'ids. i.e.

for ex: if user X has user id "portaluser" in portal and "backenduser" in all the sap backend systems. should the user now disclose his backend password, which he was using to the user administrator of portal?

Please help me in this regard

Thank you