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Former Member
Nov 12, 2014 at 09:15 AM

Responsiblity (RY) evaluate space value



in a rule, managed using responsibilities I have a couple of parameters that evaluate responsible persons.

Now the problem is when I need to evaluate a space value. Responsibilities evaluation works in a similar way that a standard range (select-options), so once I create a responsibility with concrete value, but the real value is initial, it evaluates anything (all satysfying competencies).

I would like to place an asterisk placeholder (*) to the parameter in one responsibility to claim that it is responsible for any value supplied. But there are situations when the value is space with it's meaning (meaning a space value is business-orientated). In this situation a space value sent to the RH_GET_ACTORS FM is evaluated as satysfying for all the competencies (as if the parameter was not supplied, generically).

Is there any way I could force the value to be set as space? Something like OPTIONS = 'EQ', SIGN = 'I', LOW = space? Or the only way is to manipulate the competencies itself and when the value has to be space, setting some dummy text (like '___') and doing the same in code (e.g. transforming the initial value to the text '___' before sending the parameter to RH_GET_ACTORS)?

Thanks for any advice.