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Nov 12, 2014 at 03:13 AM

ERP 6.0 OS and DB migration,with EHP7 upgrade.


Hi Gurus ,

One of our client is willing to migrate their entire ECC(ERP 6.0 SPS20) and BW+BPC (NW 7.1) Landscape(3 system) to New data center.

while migrating,they are also wanted upgrade,

-ECC to latest EHP 7 ,

-BW to latest Netweaver version 7.4,

-BPC from 7.5 to 10.1 version,

-OS(Win server 2008) and DB(SQL server 2005) to Win server 2012 and SQL server 2012.

As of now,in their existing Landscape, BPC 7.5 and BW(netweaver 7.1) are on same server.

now their requirement on their new data center is to split BPC form BW server,and migrate it to new stand alone Netweaver 7.4 server.

Upgrade expectation:---

Current: Expected:

Windows 2008 Windows 2012

SQL server 2005 SQL server 2012

ERP 6.0 - Non Unicode ERP 6.0 , EHP7 - Unicode (unicode conversion)

(BW)Netwever 7.1 NetWever 7.4 ,

BPC 7.5 BPC 10.1, and also needed to migrate from existing BW server to a new stand alone server.

We have identified the list of task involved in this project as below.

for ECC:--

1)ECC migration (system copy Export/Import)

2) EHP7 upgrade.

3)UNICODE conversion.

4)Database upgrade

For BW+BPC:--

1)NW migration(system copy Export/Import)

2)NW version upgrade.(from 7.1 to 7.4)

3)BPC upgrade from 7.5 to 10.1

4)Database upgrade

My questions are:

1)In what sequence we can perform this tasks to achieve minimum downtime ?

2)how to upgrade BPC from 7.5 to 10.1 ? do we achieve this by upgrading BPC add-on's on existing BW server?

3)How to separate BPC from BW ,and maintain the connections b/w BPC and BW after splitting?

4)when to perform UNICODE conversion? is it possible to perform UNICODE conversion while System copy(Export/Import)?

Now we are still in planning phase, and we are expected to come up with single project plan(as one project),which need to cover all the above tasks. :-)

Please share your views and suggestions on this requirement.

Thank you.

Sreekanth Reddy