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Additional address for an inter-company customer

Two companies in the same SAP system, one in the US and one in Canada. Sales order placed in the Canada Sales Org but delivery will be made from a US plant (i.e. intercompany scenario). To accompany goods, the US plant needs to produce a commercial invoice, which is set up as the delivery output.

IC customer number for the company shows up in LIKP-KUNIV, as expected. Now the problem is that both Sales Org and customer master have an address in Canada. But the business users want a completely different address to be printed on the commercial invoice (this is where freight, customs, etc. fee bills need to be sent).

Question - is there a good way to store such additional address in standard SAP, so that it could be easily linked either to IC customer or Sales Org? Normally partner functions are used for this purpose, but none of the configured functions fits and we don't want to create new config since it's a rare scenario.

The only option I found in the customer master is Contact but it's not ideal because unless we configure a function for it the users won't know what this contact is for. Any suggestions? I'd prefer to avoid SO10 or custom tables, if possible.

Thank you.

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  • to whom goes the commercial invoice? to a partner of the external customer or is it to a partner of your Canadian Sales Org?

    What partner functions do you allow to use in the sales order?

  • Commercial invoice is just a piece of paper used to accompany the goods across the border. It's given to a carrier when they pick up the goods. Carrier is not maintained as a partner, we use just one company for export, I think. These are the only allowed partner types in the SO header:

    SP Sold-to party
    BP Bill-to party
    PY Payer
    SH Ship-to party
    ZA Sales Agent 1

    These are all taken, unfortunately.

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  • Jan 26, 2017 at 06:26 PM

    I know what a commercial invoice is used for, my question was probably not well enough phrased, should have asked "who is the importer"

    I just checked this case in my system. We are using the role PY payer too and his address printed on our form, beside of that we mention the address of the ship-to party and the name of the importer which is taken from the sales org address.

    I could only think of an additional role for "proforma receiver" to meet this requirement, which then also needs some logic in the print program to exchange the address from the PY to the new role.

    Alternative you have the option of ugly workarounds like specific header texts that could contain such extra address.

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    • Sorry - the importer here is Canadian company, I guess. The goods are shipped from the US for a customer in Canada on behalf of the Canadian company.

      Yes, some kind of partner would've worked great here but new config effort is just not worth it in this case.