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Nov 11, 2014 at 02:35 PM

Blank in invoice number in Electronic Bank Statement (MT940)



We have the following issue I would like to solve:

We receive Eletronic Bank Statement form our bank.

In the MT940 file, the data is like this:




4508 bet.kenmerk 2001185466/

Our invoice number is splitted over two lines, in the example above, the invoice number is 3R4508 (see red value).

In SAP, after reading the file, the note to payee is like this:

/CNTP/NL92ABNA0000000001/ABNANL2A/MANEGE HORSES V///REMI/USTD//3R 4508 BET.KENMERK 2001100066/ 43140900000009 /TRCD/00100/

In the invoice number, a blank is added, so it is 3R 4508 instead of 3R4508.

Now the search string doesn't find the invoice number.

It is not always the third position that is blank, in fact, it could be any position: 3 R4508 or 3R4 508 or 3R45 08 or 3R450 8

Is there an easy way to create a search string that ignores the blank(s) and finds the invoice number?

The invoice number always contains 6 characters, numeric of alpha numeric.

Thanks in advance!