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Jan 25, 2017 at 09:14 PM

Unable to execute Execute Preloaded Option for ABAP Dataflows in SAP BODS in different SAP system



I am able to execute a ABAP Dataflow from SAP Data Services(DS) with the following config in SAP_DS data store for SAP ECC Dev server/system, client 010 (open client) :-

Data Transfer method - RFC

RFC Destination - configured correctly.

ABAP Execution option = Generate and Execute

Generated ABAP directory is pointed to File share that is on SAP DS server path or is accessible on/from SAP DS dev server/system. The .abp files got generated in the path successfully.

Now, for the same SAP server/system and client 010, I changed the ABAP Execution option = Execute Preloaded and uploaded the programs from Local Object Library by right click on the ABAP DF > Generate ABAP Code and then was presented with ABAP Program Generation dialog box with Generate ABAP programs in directory that was filled with a default path (C:\Users\girian\AppData\Local\SAP\Data Services\ABAP_Review) with a tick on check box Upload generated programs. the files were uploaded successfully with the messages :-

The ABAP program <ZDM_RECON_MARA1> for ABAP data flow <Reconcile_MARA1> (datastore <SAP_DS>) was uploaded successfully.

[ABAP Data Flow:Reconcile_MARA1]

ABAP module <ZDM_RECON_MARA1> was generated successfully. File name: <C:\Users\girian\AppData\Local\SAP\Data Services\ABAP_Review\Reconcile_MARA1_RECON_MARA1.abp>. (BODI-1110011)

Now, my questions are -

What is the difference between the path Generated ABAP directory in datastore vs the Generate ABAP programs in directory that is shown after clicking on the Generate ABAP code ?

Does the the Upload generated programs upload the ABAP .abp files to the SAP system ? If so, then what is the purpose of Generated ABAP directory in data store ?

Why do I have to use the option execute preloaded to upload the ABAP programs in the same SAP ECC server/system and client (open client) 010 ?

Also, I am able to successfully execute the ABAP programs in the same SAP ECC server/system but different client 020 (closed client) with execute preloaded option. Hence, is it the reason that I do not need to request the basis team to transport the generated .abp files as they are in the same SAP server/system but different clients.

What do I need to instruct the basis team to transport or migrate the .abp file in order to be able to execute them in a different TEST/PROD SAP ECC server/system and different client ? What are the steps ?

@dirk.venken, @shagun.kanodia ??