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Nov 10, 2014 at 03:11 PM

Upgrade from SBO 9.1 PL00 to 9.1 PL03



What is the upgrade process from 9.1 PL00 to 9.1 PL03?

SAP Note 2022058 mentions this:



Note that if you are on a higher patch level than the 9.0 patch levels listed above and upgrade to B1 9.1 PL03, this may result in unexpected issues and potential data loss as the upgrade path is not supported yet as the synchronization from patch levels higher than those specified above has not been completed yet. Higher versions of released 9.0 patches will be synchronized in upcoming SAP Business One 9.1 patches. For detailed information, see the respective Overview Note of the follow-up patches in question, once those patches are available.


Please advise. Thanks.