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Nov 10, 2014 at 10:07 AM

Calculation Type E for Key Figures in Planning Book


Hi All,

We have a key figure where calculation Type = 'E' (Average of All Details Not Equal to Zero) is used.

When we enter value of say 100 at aggregate level, same value 100 is disaggregated at detail level. However, when we are chaging value at detail level, values are getting changed in different manner) - Below is the scenario

Value is 100 at Detailed level - On drill down by region, could see value of 100 in all the four regions. On changing value from 100 to 200 for one of the regions and saving could see value at total level chaging to 125 which is as expected (200+100+100+100=500/4= 125). However if i then select Region at total level(Drill up on Region) - value is getting changed to 154 whereas I expected it to remain at 125. Why is this happening?

We do not have any macros running in the planning book/data view so can rule out the macros.

Please help understand this behavior.