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Nov 09, 2014 at 05:10 AM

SAP Work Manager data not downloaded to device



We have setup SAP Work Manager 5.3 agentry application in our environment and updated Meter Management component on it,

We have created some test work orders and notifications and assigned it to a mobile user. But when we test the application on ATE, work orders and notifications data is not downloaded. We can see the complex table and data table selections available on client, but orders/notifications information is not downloaded to device.

How to troubleshoot this issue? I tried to debug the Data Object class handler classes GET methods by placing a break point in the code and initiating a transmit from the client, but the debugging didn't started. Transmit completed without stopping in the Class handler GET methods and NO data is returned.

Please guide me me how we can confirm if data is returning from SAP backend for this issue?