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Nov 08, 2014 at 05:16 PM

Annual Leave Carry Forward


Hi All.

Below is over the view of client requirement.

Client Requirement:

Quota Type = Annual Leave Quota (Quota number = 40)

Quota per year = 30 days

Accrual = Daily

Calendar Year = 01st Jan 20XX to 31st Dec 20XX (XX = Current year)

Carry forward limit = All 30 days can be transferred to next year on 1st Jan, Update the same quota type.

Maximum entitlement of Annual Leave = 35 Days

Generation Method = Time Evaluation (Daily run, using TM04 schema)

ESG Grouping for Quota = 2

PSG Grouping for Quota = 10.

PSG Grouping for Time Recording = 01.

Please refer the attachment for detailed configuration and PCR details

Generation Rules Table Entries:

Accrual Period = Daily

Base Entitlement = 30 days

Accrual Entitlement =

Pro Rata = Yes

No Multiplication = Yes

Transfer time = Upon Accrual

Total Entitlement = 35 Days

Time Type:

PS Grouping = 01

Time Type = ZALB

Save Day Balance = 1

Rest all Blank


Payroll Constant = Table T511K (ZALTD = 25)

Calling the PCRs into schema:

Expected Result = Quota to be transferred next calendar year (01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014) for the 25 days from the generated quota of 29.42 days.

@ Note: Quota didn’t get generated as 30 days as the employee is on unpaid leave for 5 to 6 days, as per the client requirement if the EE is on unpaid leave AL quota not to be generated hence the generated quota is accurate. I have written a PCR to stop this generation.

Appreciated your support to take this forward.