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Nov 07, 2014 at 02:32 PM

Report containing subreports created via rcapi, logon data not passed through


Hi all

I've "succeeded" in generating a reportdefinition dynamically (using only C# code, didn't do any creating/defining in the Designer), based on choices made by the user of my application:

"succeeded", because the report definition looks ok - it contains the correct CommandTable definition, the correct subreports are imported.

When i try to view it in the designer, it looks ok, it even produces the wanted results 😊

BUT: When viewing the report, i have to enter manually the password for the mainreport and for each subreport.

When i create a report using the Designer i have to enter it only once, and it seems the credentials are then passed on to the subreports.

This is also true when using an exporting tool like CRExport, that enters the login and password in the mainreport, but not in the subreports:

CRExport works perfectly for Designer-created reports containing subreports, but not for reports that were created by my code 😔 which is - of course - the point of the application.

Obviously i'm missing something.

I've used this tool to generate the necessary code, but even when trying this in a simple standalone testapplication, with most of the things hardcoded, i can't seem to get it to work. (I used the tool on a working report, only changed the content of CommandText)

Could someone please tell we what i have to set in the mainreport/subreports to make the logoninformation from the mainreport be passed on to the subreports?

Version: CR 2011