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Nov 07, 2014 at 01:45 PM

IDM Password Policy - Regex to revoke passwords


Hi experts,

I am using the SAP-Logon Help for Windows in cooperation with the SAP IDM.

The software allows our users to reset their passwort with answering predefined security questions.

This function perfectly..even with the use of many domain-controllers.

Want I want to do now is to except specific words/substrings to be part of the password.

The Password Policy Tab of my master idstore will give me the option to use a Regex.


Incoming Password: BlackForest_123!

Regex: /(?:(Forest))/g

This example should result in revoking the password synchronization

To cut a long story short: I fear that the Regex I am trying to use is put against the already encrypted password.

If this would be the case, I could Regex whatever I want and it would not work, because I wont be able to decrypt the password, in that pre-defined SAP-process.

Can someone please tell me that this is not the case or suggest a workaround?

Best regards and thanks in Advance,