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Nov 07, 2014 at 01:00 PM

Devolutions -- How Handle


Hi all:

We are working in PR2, and we have some questions about how proceed with devolutions, questions you may answer :-)

We have two possibilities on the scope:

  • By creating vendors as customers, then we could carry out the devolution. This process is time expensive, and need the involvement of others departments, making the flow slow, and burocratic.
  • By using, MIGO, Movement 122.
    • We can give back material to the suppliers if this material is not in Quality warehouse (006) or blocked warehouse (007).

Current procedure: We can just give back good just if the material is in "unrestricted" warehouse.

Desired procedure:

Notify possible material with quality non conformity

Move material to quality or block warehouse

Perform the devolution from one of this warehouse (nevermind what one).

Last but not least, we cannot find the way to get a piece of paper once the devolution is done. In theory creating a customer for each vendor, SAP offers a solution, but not using MIGO movement 122.

Hope you can understand and support us with this.

Thank you for your time :-)