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Nov 07, 2014 at 10:34 AM

Availability check not proposing new schedule line date if the existing stock was consumed by a future date order


Hello Friends,

We have below requirement from client. I request your guidance here.

Here is our scenario

Stock as on today (07-11-2014) is 100 units for Material A.

There is a PO created for the same material (100 units) and delivery date for the same is 15-11-2014

I had created a sales order for 100 untis with today's date as a requested delivery date and the stock got confirmed for 100 units and schedule line date was 07-11-2014

I had created a second order for 100 units with same requested delivery date and the proposed schedule line date for that was 15-11-2014

Now we had created a delivery for second sales order. I am expecting the schedule line date for first order to get changed to 15-11-2014 as the available stock on 07-11-2014 was consumed by a delivery created with reference to second sales order. Whereas schedule line date for first order is shown as 07-11-2014 only.

Is there anything I am doing wrong here?

Availability check Configuration

1. OVZ9 for sales orders

We have checked include purchase orders, sales order requrmnts and deliveries.

2. OVZ9 for deliveries

We had checkd include purchase orders and include deliveries.

Thanks & Regards,