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Nov 07, 2014 at 05:01 AM

Condition record for PO Output at plant level


Hi experts,

I have a small query about output Condition Record for PO.

Currently, we are maintaining the condition record at "Company Code/Document Type"

level in MN04. It means it is applicable for all the plants in that company code. In this

record, we have maintained the number of printouts as 2.

But, now user is asking to maintain the specific condition record at the plant level. Actually,

these plants are also existing in the above company code. And, here, he is asking to maintain

no. of print outs 4. And, this should be specific to these 2 plants only. Not for other plants in the

Company code.

For this, I have suggested him to create new PO Document type and create a condition record

with this new PO doc. type and company code combination. Then, if he create the PO for the

above 2 plants with this new document type, he can get the number of print outs as he required.

And, there will be no other impact for the old condition record.

But, user doesn't want to change the PO doc. type. He wants to continue with the same previous doc. type.

And, wants to maintain separate condition record for his 2 plants.

But, in MN04, there is no key combination for the plant and document type level.

So, kindly let me know, what kind of settings needed for the above requirement.