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Nov 06, 2014 at 05:03 PM

SAP BCM 7 SP 6 - Issue with skillset assigning



I observed today that whilst trying to fault some skillset issues that something strange happens in the process of a call that is anaswered quickly enough.


Call arrives at the Queue where a skillset is assigned by CRM to the call. The call enters the queue and where the call is not immediately served to an agent as no-one is free, a timer in the QUEUE kicks in which transfers the call to another IVR. This IVR is designed to clear the skill from the call and then send the call back into the QUEUE with a default skill assigned. This all works, and if the call is still not answered, we see the call transfer again back to the other IVR then re-enter the QUEUE as if it was a new call, but assigned the default skill again.

Here is the issue. In On-Line monitoring the call appears to still have the original skill still assigned as well as the new skill.

The IVR the call is transferred to , should clear any pre-existing skill with a PYTHON customizer, then assign a new default skill before transferring the call back to the QUEUE.

See the attached picture that shows both skills still assigned to the call. Could we have an issue with the customizer not setting the skills to zero as designed ? Customizer attached