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Nov 06, 2014 at 03:47 PM

SAP PCo trigger on tag


Hello Experts,

I have a problem with SAP PCO and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. It would be great if someone here could help me with this problem :-)

The setup is as follows:

* A PLC with 5 values I am interested in, with one value "STATUS" indicating that the other four have been updated. Every time this is the case, the value of STATUS changes.

* OPC Server (running on the same server as pco) serving these values

* SAP PCo with OPC Source system and MII destination that writes these values to a database. Agent instance is configured with trigger "Always" and expression "STATUS".

* We currently are on Manufacturing Suite 15, but problem existed already on PCo 2.3/MII14.0

So far, so good. The expected result is that I am getting new rows in the database table, with each row having a different value for STATUS, since that is my trigger and a row is only written, if STATUS has changed.

However, the actual result is, that I am getting two rows with the same STATUS and inconsistencies on the other values because they have not yet been fully updated (see attached picture).

It seems to me, that the trigger mechanism is not working correctly or that I have not configured properly. I had a look at this thread but it sounds like my approach is correct (trigger on one subscription item and put trigger plus all others in a notification. Why is it not working as expected?

Thanks in advance for your comments and expertise :-)




pco_db.jpg (64.6 kB)
pco_agent.jpg (10.0 kB)