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Nov 06, 2014 at 03:23 PM

DesignStudio + UI5 --> linking Libraries


Dear all,

Im developing now an UI5 app for DesignStudio from scratch.

i have an example of the UI5 stand alone application (HTML Site) and want to use this axample for my new tool.

in this example i have following code :"sap.ui.ABC.DEF"); so it is a library in my eyes.

after the include is done, i would write this code to make an instance :

var oExample = new sap.ui.ABV.DEF.Object();

So far so good.

BUT it is not possible for me to make a reference to the ressource "sap.ui.ABC.DEF".

I was trying to make something like

var dvlModulePath = "./res/sap/ABC/DEF";"sap.ABC.DEF", dvlModulePath);

the path "./res/sap/ABC/DEF" point to the folder there Object.js file is placed

but it was not right.

I also tried to alter component.xml and added there the include line to Object.js

but got the error too.