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Nov 06, 2014 at 01:14 PM

How to redetermine Service team partner function in SRVR?


Hi All,

When I create Service request first time, partner determination is working fine. Please notice that the Processing team(Service team/group) partner function got determined in below screenshot.

But the issue comes when I edit the service request. As part of editing, when I enter the Processor (this Processor(Employee) is also maintained under the position for the same Org unit VM_EV_SOL ), Processing team redetermination is not happening. Please notice the below screenshot.

In SPRO, partner redetermination setting is maintained in partner function as shown in below screenshot.

The business object is maintained in COMS_PARTNER_DET table.

How to re-determine the processing team partner function. Please help.




Capture 1.PNG (7.5 kB)
Capture 2.PNG (9.8 kB)
Capture3.PNG (16.8 kB)
Capture 4.PNG (7.1 kB)