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Nov 06, 2014 at 11:54 AM

PO Release


Hello Gurus!

My client require to implement Release strategy on the basis of Last Value change for example;

Z1 Release Strategy

It goes to CEO for final approval as his approval limit up-till 10 million


It goes to Executive committee for final approval as value limit > 10 million - 100 million


It goes to board for final approval as value limit > 100 million

If the user create a PO with a total value is 10 million it goes to CEO for final approval and it working fine. However, if user change a value in the

PO which was approved by CEO (because total value of PO is 10 million) by 2 million it will go again for approval to CEO as the CEO limit is 10 million.

In order to cater this requirement I have activated Version management and the system is maintain version when the user change the value and I have also maintained Version number field in our Release criteria (Release Class).

Further, I have added one field DIFWR (system maintain the changed value in this field in Version) in CEKKO and add in our release Criteria (release class). After adding this field system is trigger any release.

Kindly help me on this.


Muhammad Tahir