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Nov 06, 2014 at 10:16 AM

How to update new sales group from CMR automatically into old sales orders which are completed..?


Dear Experts,

We have a requirement to update new sales group into all the existing sales orders in the system. There will be thousands of completed past orders that we have to update with new sales group.

New sales group are created. Now we are planning to assign these sales group to all the customers through MASS/XD99

So after that, we want to update this sales group into all the sales orders. Sales Order-- Header ( VBAK_VBGRP).

As this field takes its value from the CMR of Sold to party, is there is a easy way to get it updated in this scenario?

I could use LSMW or MASS. but the problem is that, for thousands of old sales orders, its very tedious to create a list of sales orders and sales group to be assigned. I am looking at avoiding that work.

Hope you got my problem clearly

Please give your valuable suggestions