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Nov 06, 2014 at 09:05 AM

ABAP communication layer is not configured properly.


Hello Developers,

I`m an ABAP developer and would like to use ABAP in Eclipse. I have installed Eclipse Kepler 4.3 in Windows 7 64 bit along with the component from the website

after installed the ADT component and UI5 I got the issue with communication Layer attached.

I have installed the JCO from SAP website and followed the configuration.

I have gone through all the procedures below.

1. Microsoft VC runtime is missing: as per information you have to download and install it from: x86 orx64

2. Not proper JAVA is installed: JAVA JRE 1.6 or higher is needed, download it from I choose to install JAVA Platform SE 7 U67 version 7.0.670.1.

3. As per Note “2041195 - Eclipse does not identify operating system correctly” I set settings in Eclipse’s eclipse.ini file. Add following line:

Into -vmargs section of file.

does anyone knows what else should be done?

Kind Regards


Installed JDK.png (106.2 kB)
Eclipse Issue.png (39.0 kB)