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Nov 06, 2014 at 05:08 AM

How to uniquely count customers...


Dear All,

I'm working on SAP Net Weaver 7.3 and my data flow is DataSource (DB Connect)-->DSO-->InfoCube. I have fetched data from DBMS for my Secondary Sales Analysis. Now, I have a requirement to count the "Productive Customers or Customers with Sales" for a particular date/month/year. I have tried it at DSO level with a customer KeyFigure initialized with 1 constant value and I tried BEx query "Calculated KeyFigure". Both solutions are unable to count the unique count of customers, I document number (unique) and item number also. But one customer can have more than 1 documents for the same day. I have a universe on top of this InfoCube and how can I achieve the unique count of customers for the day/month/year at Universe/query level.

1. Do I need to create a new measure at Business Layer for calculation of unique customers count with sales and then design a query for customer count?

2. What will be that query?

3. I do not want to use BEx query for that purpose as the variables of BEx Query "Grayed out" in Dashboard and we can't give them values from Dashboard embedded Excel?

4. What I do to get unique customer count for my scenario?

I will appreciate your reply.

Many Thanks!

Tariq Ashraf