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Nov 05, 2014 at 07:35 PM

How-to modify a standard OVS?


Hello ByD experts,

I have a requirement which is to add an Extension field to a SAP Standard OVS.

The OVS I need is the ProductID.ovs.uicomponent.

I would like to modify this OVS and add a Manufacturer # to it. This Manufacturer # is an extension field I did create in the ProductDataMaintenance namespace as the ProductID.ovs comes from this namespace.

1- So, my first question is: is it possible to even modify a standard OVS?

- as the one I need (ProductID.ovs) does not have any anchor in the extensibility explorer

2- If yes, how to retrieve my Extension field as it is not in the UI Designer Data Model (on the right side)?

I did create it in the ProductDataMaintenance->Global: Material->Root->Common node but I cannot find it in the BO Data Model of the UI Designer.

And I cannot use the Enhance screen functionality as the ProductID.ovs does not have any anchor to be extended.

3- If no, is creating a new OVS based on what have been done by SAP for the ProducID.ovs the recommended practice?

Thank you everybody for your attention.

Best regards.