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Nov 05, 2014 at 06:27 PM

Broken Script - Going Mental - Please Help!!


I've attached two screen shots that I hope explain the problem fully but if unsure please ask for a further clarification if you think you can help.

In short I had a script that was doing some basic personas validation (is this field empty for instance) which worked fine.

I then realised that I had to cater for some standard on-screen SAP validation as well.

The SAP validation didn't kick until I 'entered' the field that I wanted to validate.

If the user didn't enter but instead just keyed info in and then [pressed the script button the SAP validation was getting missed until later in the process (too late).

So I split the script up: SAP validation, Personas Validation & and then Main Script (to do the work) - it was already split into two anyway but now it's three.

I cannot get my personas validation script to work in this context - If I use it directly it's fine but not when it's called from a parent script ... see screen shots for more details and the scripts in context.

Any insights much appreciated. I'm probably doing something stupid but I've been at this for hours and I've turned it around every way i can think of.