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Nov 05, 2014 at 02:56 PM

Netweaver Gateway Installation options - Embedded/Central Hub?



We currently have an ECC, CRM, SRM and BW SAP environment and we are looking to roll out Fiori app's across ECC first and then CRM and SRM when they are both upgraded to the supported levels too.

We have performed a Proof of Concept Fiori installation in ECC for 4 Fiori App's where we installed an Embedded Netweaver Gateway and then the 4 App's on the top of that.

What we now want to do though is either move the Fiori App's out of ECC and to a Central Netweaver Gateway system that the CRM and SRM systems will also use, and potentially also set up CRM Desktop Connector in the at Netweaver Gateway Hub. Or alternatively leave the ECC Embedded Netweaver Gateway and then also install additional Embedded Netweaver Gateways in both CRM and SRM and configure the Fiori and Desktop Connector locally to each appropriate system.

Central Hiub for all systems, or keep is Embedded for all systems?