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Nov 05, 2014 at 12:08 PM

Vendor Partner Function


Hi All,

I am having requirement from client regarding vendor partner function as following.

Scenanrio is like one vendor is having two manufacturer, which i have defined into vendor partner functions. Both Manufacturer i have defined in Partner Functions in Vendor Master.

We are maintaining QM info record. If QM Info record is not there for particular vendor Material combination then PO can not be raised.

I have maintained QM info record for Vendor Material combination, but requirement is like at the time of creation of PO, system should not allow to create a PO with both manufacturer, it should allow only for one manufacturer ( Vendor Partner), but as we are maintaining QM Info record with vendor not with Vendor Partner.

If there is any other way through which we can map this requirement.

Can somebody help me out how to meet this requirement?

Thanks & Regards