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Nov 05, 2014 at 09:18 AM

How to make order status Complete ?


Hello Experts,

I am asking my issue again.

My problem is not yet resolved. I tried V_MACO & SDVBUK00 but problem is still there.

I have an issue in which system shows the a sales order in open order reports.

When I checked the order status through document flow I came to know that there is no accounting documented was created for Invoice-Milestone BP 01494XXXX and Cancellation of Inv 001537XXXX. BUT I don't think so due to this system showing status of order as Being Processed because final invoice status is completed and more over all delivery status are completed.

additionally PGI for some item have been archived.

I have another Sales Order in which same problem is there.

When I checked the document flow of the order line item wise I came to know that only for line item 23 system shows order status Being processed. and for other line item it is completed.

When I checked the status overview I came to know that system shows "Partial Invoiced" for line item 23 BUT in document flow i see complete invoice has been done for same line item.

Kindly help me out how can I make the sales order completed.

I need your valuable support.



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