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Nov 04, 2014 at 06:19 PM

convert field text to english?


hi everyone

i created a program to download sales order data into an excel file. the program works fine, but for one strange problem :

i am picking UOM (unit of measure ) from VBAP table . in table the data in this field is maintained as 'ST'. however when i go to the particular SO , in conditions tab ; i see that value in UOM is EA . now , user says 'ST' is german and the downloaded file should contain data as 'EA'. But the data in the table vbap is 'ST' . Even in mara , when i checked for that material ,unit is "ST".this is not it ..when i double click on an entry in vbap/mara ..the single record displayed has unit as 'EA'..which is surprising?

can anyone please explain this phenomena? what should i do to get EA in downloaded excel instead of ST?

note: check for VBAP-MEINS , KONV-KMEIN ..